About Robert Manse Designs

Our Beginnings

What started out as a personal quest to create lively, collectible silver jewelry transcended into a passion and an amazing life-journey for Robert Manse, founder of Robert Manse Designs.

Robert’s love for life’s adventures and exploration have taken him all over the world seeking insight and direction for what was to become Robert Manse Designs — signature sterling silver collections; exotic treasures of glimmering silver and saturated gemstones full of brilliant color and sparkle.

His passion was further heightened when he realized he had found the heart of his creativity for his Bali RoManse collection. The magnificent forested volcanic mountains and deeply colorful coral reefs wrapping around aqua waters spoke to Robert.  It was, he says, the moment he knew he had found his place of inspiration.  And what better place to nurture one’s dream of a high quality, collectible silver and silver and gemstone jewelry line than Bali, the island of the Gods? It was this exotic island where he discovered his true passion – jewelry. His BroManse Collection was also a Bali inspired line, offering Men a similar collection of handcrafted Balinese jewelry.

Global Style and Timeless Design

Robert Manse Designs is able to express its creativity and timeless design through texture, shape and dimension.  Clean, unique sterling silver pieces are elegant and range from bold statement to simple everyday styles.  Each jewelry piece is timeless and easily wearable individually or alongside other Robert Manse Designs pieces.  Alone or stacked, the lovingly hand-crafted designs illustrate the finest workmanship and attention to detail.

Introducing our newest collection, Gem RoManse:

Colors, patterns and textures form an important part of the Gem RoManse Collection. Intricate details are adorned onto each piece making an enduring statement of exceptional quality.  Vivid gemstones play an important part in the various signature collections.  Ranging from romantic blues and yellows to dazzling pinks, red and greens, the pieces are Robert says, wearable eye candy for adults!

"Jewelry allows us to mark important moments in our lives. Each Gem RoManse design is created to deliver a meaningful memory while illustrating our passion for life as we live, love and laugh." - Robert Manse

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